Genuine Black Seed Oil

The Black Seed Oil 100% pure, organic farming ISO 9002 Egyptian origin, obtained by cold pressing and implementation in capsule and bottles in our laboratories in France.


nigellasativa home flower Genuine Black Seed Oil is an invigorating and purifying product.
 Modern science has certified the mysterious power of black seed.
 The highest concentration in the world of thymoquinone, dithymoquinone, thymohydroquinone, thymol and Omega 3 and 6: back on your feet in 1 week!
 Phytotherapy, aromatherapy, nutritional therapy, alternative medicine, alternative medicine, medicine Coranic and prophetic advocate the virtues of pure black seed and those of all natural products.
 Nigella seed comes from the eastern countries, more precisely from Egypt, where it is used for its soothing, regenerating, revitalizing, hydrating effects and protection of cell tissue property; but also for its vegetable ceramides and their nourishing action, due to radical scavenger miracles.
 Its curative properties, anti-inflammatory action and stimulating action of the immune system make it an excellent remedy for a large number of ailments.

Benefits of Genuine Black Seed Oil


Its anti-infectious action is very effective on respiratory, urinary and biliary tracts.

Soothes rheumatism, reduces inflammation and allows tissue regeneration

nigellasativa home oil Its draining action helps eliminate toxins in lungs and intestines.

Strengthens and protects the airway from the assaults of the environment.

Well-being action: strengthens the hair and skin, soothes sunburns, softens dark circles, fights acne etc.

Black seed oil contains over 100 natural compounds which benefits have been widely proven by science for over 40 years.

These components work synergistically together to maintain and boost the immune system.


History of Genuine Black Seed Oil


How to use Genuine Black Seed Oil, perfect for your balance.

nigellasativa home apply
Black seed oil is the ideal food supplement to your internal balance.
2 capsules or ½ teaspoon (2.5ml)of black seed oil associated with an infusion of mint has beneficial effects on memory.
Local application, be used pure, several times a day, can also be integrated directly into its cosmetics.

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